Every Ounce Matters.

At Netafim, we focus 100% effort on maximizing your precious metal recovery, because every centimeter counts.


Mining’s #1 Partner For Heap Leaching.

We don’t just manufacture high performance products, we deliver comprehensive solutions that serve our client’s specific needs.
It’s why over the last 25 years,  we’ve earned a global reputation as the #1 provider of heap leaching solutions for copper, gold, silver, nickel, uranium mining in chile and the us.


Maximize Recovery
Anti-clogging, High-uniformity
Drippers & Micro Sprinklers
Maximize Efficiency
Hydraulic Design
Tailored To Every
Mining Project & Typography
Maximize Success
Turn-key Solutions,
On-site Monitoring
And Rapid Product Supply

Maximizing Ore Recovery - By Design.

Netafims unique anti-clogging design and excellent hydraulic uniformity enable clients to recover the highest proportion of metals per meter irrespective of topography and module size.

Superior Hydraulic Uniformity 

Achieving uniform flow-rates (co-variant <5% ltr/hr) requires precise understanding of topography, size of module, etc. That’s why Netafim offers a comprehensive hydraulic design process as part of every project.

Anti-Clogging Resistance

Netafim’s patented TurboNext labyrinth ensures maximum turbulence with the largest-possible cross-section across your drippers - boosting metal recovery by up to 5-10% versus other solutions. 

Superior Results - End-To-End. 

Expect nothing less than 100% effort to maximize recovery with netafim’s winning combination of best-in-class line performance, expert design solutions and world class service and supply.

Superior Field performance

Anti-clogging, high-uniformity drippers with max. Cross section

Expert Design & engineering

Hydraulic design tailored to every mining project

Comprehensive Service 

From turn-key solutions & on-site monitoring to rapid supply

Want to maximize recovery?

Let’s talk about your mining project